What I did during my summer vacation, part 3: Two To Twain

So like I said, this summer we needed to collect a lot of cash in a short amount of time. The amount of cash is unimportant. The amount of time: a month, give or take.

Some of the cash we were able to float by acting as bill collector with a cop who also happened to trade processed wood in eastern Ukraine. However, that only answered for part of the solution.

Some of the cash we had to get out of Russian ATMs, more to the point, Moscow ATMs. Why Moscow ATMs? Because there is lots of money in Moscow. And lots of rich people. We could get crisp, fresh bills which would not be turned down anywhere in the Eastern bloc from a Moscow ATM. Super crisp. The ink still smelled fresh on the bill

You may think I am joking, but I am not. If bills had blogs, they would read like: “Day One. Hello, World! I just got printed at the US Mint in Washington DC, how exciting! I am ready to take on the world!”

“Day Two. I am in a Moscow ATM??!? How the hell did that happen? This is some seriously messed up crap right here. What am I going do be now, heavy collateral in a Caucasian drug deal? Fodder for Chechniyan ransom money? How did I deserve this?”

You get the idea. Anyway, I had a $5000 limit on a Russian card (yes, no weenie credit union $600 limits in this country) so I got my cash-n-carry on for a few days, but then I needed to transport it. To Ukraine. Which involved a border crossing.

Two crossings, if you count exiting Russia.

… to be continued …

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