Letters From The Jobless: “I’m Not Exactly Sure Where I Went Wrong”

90% of our debt is educational. That really pisses me off; you’re told as a naive 18 year old that college is the only way to guarantee a career. So you do whatever it takes to secure that education, which may mean unwittingly borrowing from less-than-scrupulous lenders, and upon graduation you discover that hey, that degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and you’re going to wind up working in a crappy job outside of your field anyway, and why didn’t anyone tell you that diesel mechanics make three times what you owe the government after just 18 months of training as opposed to four years of classes you’re never going to need, like ‘Comparative Religions’ and ‘Carmen: Novel, Opera, Film’?!?

Not an uncommon problem. I had to work outside my field after getting my first IT degree. After that, I had a ‘never go hungry again’ attitude and kept a job even through most of graduate school. That at least kept my debt down to a manageable level.

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