The first ever TEDxKharkov took place today, and I’ve got a case of information overload. I’m still processing all that I saw and heard over the course of 3-4 hours. The speakers ran a wide range of topics, from mathematics to pedagogy, from ecology to medicine, from physics to IT. While all of the live speakers were in Russian, there were also a number of pre-recorded talks in English, which I’ll post below.
TEDxKharkov Stage

I went with @ala_manzana, who did a great job live-tweeting the whole thing. You can look up most of her pictures through the #TEDxKh hashtag.

Pictures of the event are popping up all over, you can already catch some of them here and here, for example.

The live speakers for the event were, in the following order:

  • The Master of Ceremonies, Sergei Lavrik
  • Professor of Mathematics Dmitry Yelchaninov
  • Activist and Doctor Anna Gerashchenko
  • Alexander Yesyukov, Director and President of TeamDev
  • Physicist Yuri Erin
  • Doctor Igor Kostyuk
  • Student (and future automotive engineer) Alexander Chernyshyov
  • Pedagogue Valeriy Leyko
  • Max Burtsev, Founder of the ad agency “Arriba”

TEDxKharkov: Dr Kostyuk about to operate

Quite frankly, each speaker deserves their own post. Especially the last speaker. They were all good, they all had a high level of enthusiasm, energy, and a positive message. When the vidoes are online, I’ll be sure to post each one of them with an explanation.

In the first video of the day, Mitchell Joachim spoke about the possibility of architecture and biology merging with one another and giving us the ability to grow our own homes:

In the second video of the day, we saw that it’s possible to make a lightweight bird fly, with the help of Markus Fischer and his team:

In the third video of the day, Benjamin Zander spoke about how to make everyone a classical music lover. This was especially a big hit with the crowd, both recorded and in the hall:

In short: it was great. The organizers did a super job. This is definitely not the last time I’ll attend a TEDx in Kharkov, and definitely not the last time I’ll write about this event. I had a great time, and I am sure the organizers are happy (and relieved) that the event went as planned. Stay tuned for the next post about TEDxKharkov


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